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So, what is pit and pipe installation
Pit and pipe installation is nothing new in the world of construction.
Pit and pipe installations are a main method to connect from one building or site to another.

Pit and pipe installations are the processes of constructing trenches within the ground to lay various conduits under the ground's surface.
These conduits are laid through a series of trenches and pits, allowing them to provide various services between your buildings.
Pit and pipe construction is often conducted at existing buildings to either repair damages or to install new infrastructure.

Kubota excavator
Machinery required

The machinery required for your pit and pipe installation all depends on what stage your surrounding infrastructure is at.
If you are implementing new conduits underground to override existing utilities, utilising a vacuum truck is the safest option.
Hydro excavation is considered the ‘safest’ trenching and excavation method.

However, if your construction is underway or just finished completion, chances are there is no existing underground infrastructure.
In this case, you could implement the help of a trencher to tackle all pit and pipe installation tasks.
We have our own excavator with the appropriate attachments ready to go.

There are various machinery options for us to tackle your pit and pipe installation project.

Communications and electrical pipe
Burtech Pty Ltd is fully licensed and insured to undertake all pit and pipe excavations works.
License and Training Certificates:
  • BICSI registered cabler B26537QLD
  • ACMA open cabling license endorsed
  • CERT IV in Telecommunications
  • Commscope
  • Molex
  • AFL Group
  • QLD electrical test and tag license 78572
  • QLD Government GITC V5.03
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PH: 07 5445 5040
PH: 07 5445 5040
PH: 07 5445 5040
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Copyright Burtech Pty Ltd 2022
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