Business Telephone Systems

Business Telephone Systems

On-premise or cloud hosted telephone systems configured to suit you and your needs.
NBN ready on-premise PBX

Phone system installed in your premises and customised specifically for you.

Cloud hosted PBX

Hosted off-premise telephone system with advanced scalable features.

Modern handsets

The latest feature rich handsets delivering crystal clear audio.

Headsets and accessories

Modern HD audio headsets that are comfortable to wear all day.

Which phone system solution is best for you and your business?

Reliable business telephone systems are critical for the operation of any business, no matter what their size.

Deciding on the best solution for your business can be tough, with multiple options available to you, so there are things you need to consider.

Burtech will guide you through understanding your requirements and design a system just for you.

As a result you will get a scalable business telephone system.

Burtech will deliver a premium business phone experience. When you pair this with the latest in high-quality, easy-to-use handsets and fully customisable features, your business will get the right call to the right person, every time.


Holiday and guest accomodation

On-premise PBX is well suited to holiday and resort  accommodation.
Business telephone systems - Resort and holiday accommodation

Office and retail services

PBX’s hosted in the cloud are ideal and best suited to business, offices and retail.
Business telephone systems - Small or large offices

Small business and residential

SIP end points are the perfect solution for small office installations.
Business telephone systems - Small office

Business support service

We have been helping business like yours for over 15 years.

Our focus is keeping you connected.

Just a phone call away

When you want to talk to a real person, we are just a phone call away.

Why choose Burtech?

With more than 30 years experience in the telecommunications industry, Burtech brings in-depth knowledge and experience to your installation, ensuring the best performance with high quality and reliability.

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